Running Technique Coaching

We are taught to kick, throw, catch, use a bat and racket and yet the most obvious exercise of all, running, is not taught. Running is taken for granted and coaches chose not to interfere saying runners find their own efficient style. Running is simple, but it is not easy to perfect. These imperfections can lead to injury and feeling stale in your running progression. If you want to do it effectively, with ease and be in a position to run as quickly as you can whilst reducing the likelihood of injury then you will need a little bit of coaching.

So for those of you who run and would like to run more efficiently, run a little quicker and reduce the chances of injury there is an answer; running technique can be coached and you can now get this at the Ace clinic with Oliver.  

Trained at The Running School ( in Acton, he will film and analyse your running style, pointing out where improvements can be made. He will analyse a series of full body movements to identify where there may be weaknesses in the muscles used for running and will coach you, initially over a period of 6 sessions to run more efficiently and thus faster.

So if you are currently running or even planning on getting back into running, then consider, put a bit of spring in your step and a smile on your face with a bit of technique coaching.

For more information on this contact Oliver at the Ace clinic on 0208 3990262

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