Sabrina Peyandane – Osteopath

Sabrina Peyandane


Sabrina graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with a Masters degree in Osteopathy. She practices both structural and cranial osteopathy.

Since graduation she has completed further studies specialising in paediatric osteopathy  at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.  Sabrina has extensive experience treating newborns to teenagers and worked in neonatal intensive care wards treating premature babies. She also has experience treating expectant and post-partum mothers and she believes it is important to treat both mother and baby during pregnancy and beyond.

Sabrina also has a strong interest in sport and sport injuries and is a qualified and experienced sport massage therapist.

She is a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

Testimonials for Sabrina

Sabrina is a truly excellent osteopath

I’m hypermobile, so it’s really important to have a good osteopath, and I am so happy to have found Sabrina.

When I first met her in Sept 2017, I’d had very painful ‘tennis elbow’ in my right arm for 3 months. After five sessions with Sabrina, it was completely cured and has not come back since. It’s now mid December.

She’s currently helping me with my hip and back. My leg had sublaxed for a long time before being corrected 8 years ago by an osteopath in Germany. I never had the after effects corrected though, and my lower back and bum can be pretty painful. Sabrina always knows where it hurts, and everything she does during the treatment feels right and makes sense to me.

In addition to the treatment at ACE, Sabrina has also given me a list of exercises to do, targeted at the affected muscles.

Highly recommended!


Maria Hermans

Highly recommend Sabrina!

Sabrina was really lovely with my 4 months old baby. Calm throughout and fixed the issue I came to her with straight away. Highly recommended!”
(Mum Sophie, Baby Hunter Van Gelder)