Becca Gough – Pilates Instructor

Becca Gough

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Body Control Pilates
Xt-end Barre Method

After studying classical ballet, contemporary dance and theatre for 6 years at Arts Educational School in Hertfordshire, she spent three years at London Studio Centre. She was first introduced to the Pilates method during her time at LSC where the equipment was used to help speed up the recovery of injured dancers.

It was eight years later, whilst undergoing physiotherapy for a back injury, that she was reintroduced to the method. Having made a full recovery she continued her Pilates practice as a form of injury prevention and in 2000 became a certified teacher through the Dance program at the University of Nevada. She has also participated in extensive continuing education to work with special populations – i.e. those with osteoporosis and hip and knee replacements. She opened a Pilates equipment studio in 2001 which she ran for 9 years.

On her return to the UK Rebecca chose to further her Pilates education by certifying with Body Control Pilates. Rebecca absolutely loves teaching this method and is committed to providing her clients with an enjoyable, results driven Pilates program.

Testimonials for Becca

I would highly recommend Rebecca.

I would highly recommend Rebecca, I find her classes very energetic and what is great is she spends time to explain certain movement and what to avoid. I am really starting to notice to difference since attending her classes and what I love is the class is only small up to 5 people maximum, its like getting a 121 personal training session!