Facial Revitalisation versus Botox

Why your skin ages
Regardless of our lifestyle we are all subject to skin ageing. Normal, inherent skin ageing starts when we are in our 20s. The skin begins to become less plump and wrinkles appear as changes in the collagen reduce your skin’s strength and elasticity. During our 30s sebaceous glands produce less oil and the skin is visibly duller and thinner. By the time we are in our 50s additional changes in oestrogen levels have increased the skin ageing process causing the skin to become dry, easily bruised, damaged, or broken and sagging and larger wrinkles are visible.

Lifestyle factors
Unfortunately, our skin ageing is also subject to our lifestyles with damage coming from internal and external influences. Whilst we do have some control over this, many of us don’t realise until some damage has already done.

  • Sun damage is a major ageing factor and therefore our hands and faces tend to age faster as they are more exposed to UV sun rays, never-the-less frequent sun exposure will exacerbate skin drying and wrinkling, eventually creating crinkly dry skin with areas of large pigmented spots.
  • Our general health can also reflect in our skin, with an excess of toxins such as alcohol and caffeine reducing hydration, and the effects of smoking causing it to become dry, while irregular daily routines, such as shift work and haphazard eating patterns may also eventually impact our general health and be reflected in our faces, with dark shadows, and bags appearing under the eyes.
  • Emotional stresses and strains influence our facial expressions. Our predominant emotions show in our faces, with worrying creating forehead lines, crying causing puffy under eye bags and frowning, deep lines between the eyebrows. Even though we should all be proud of our laughter lines, as they reflect a cheerful temperament, most of us would probably prefer to minimise them too!

How to Reducing skin ageing

There are various changes we can make to reduce facial skin ageing, ranging from simple adjustments such as wearing SPF factor moisturising creams, stop smoking, eating well and getting a good night’s sleep, as well as more extreme measures including Botox, fillers, facial peels and face lift operations. Whilst the latter can have a dramatic effect they also can leave us looking slightly odd.  However, a more natural looking improvement could be achieved with facial revitalisation acupuncture and partakers would be in good company with celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow reported to be amongst those who use facial acupuncture.

How does facial revitalisation acupuncture work?
Facial revitalisation acupuncture is based on Chinese Medicine acupuncture, designed to influence the energy known as Qi (Chi) which flows through our body. Needling acupuncture points is said to influence the Qi and restore balance, thereby enabling the body to function at its optimum potential. It is believed to work by stimulating the nervous system, causing the release of neurochemical messenger molecules. Needling the face and other points evokes the inflammatory response which is the body’s natural healing response and the resulting biochemical changes influence the body’s homeostatic mechanisms, thus promoting physical and emotional well-being.

A typical course of treatment would be 10 sessions, repeated weekly for the first 4 weeks followed by sessions monthly or fortnightly, with top ups every 6 weeks. However, it is common to notice an improvement after the first treatment and often people report a general feeling of well-being after each session which is a welcome side effect!

Because acupuncture is a holistic treatment, it begins by recording a comprehensive health history, followed by inserting needles in relevant points on the face as well as a few on the arms, legs, hands and feet. Clients often find the whole process much more relaxing than they imagine and they find they looked forward to their next session, especially when they see the benefits it can bring.


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