Beginners Pilates Class

Beginner Group Pilates class

Why Pilates? The Pilates method will help you develop body awareness, a key factor in becoming able to identify and strengthen your centre, basically re-educating you as to how your body should move correctly and safely. It will: build core stability; improve posture; tone and elongate muscles.

What is Pilates? Originally developed by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates method is a unique set of movement principles that will help you build a strong centre, increase joint stability and develop muscle flexibility. Not just a set of exercises, it is these principles which can enhance your performance in any physical activity from the most basic of activities through to professional athletics.

Who is Pilates for? There are very few people that can’t bene t from Pilates- it can be adapted to suit each individual. It is ideal for young and old, those who are new to exercise and those who need rehabilitation. The method is about becoming aware of your body as a whole, which will serve you not just in the studio with your teacher, but in your everyday life. Pilates has evolved so beautifully over the years that it is now widely used in both physiotherapy and general tness environments.

 Our new Pilates class – Monday 6pm 

Rebecca is offering an introductory course for those completely new to Pilates. It is perfect for those who do not have any major injuries or pain and like the social aspect of a class environment. This course will teach you the basic principles of Pilates and will introduce you to exercises that address posture, muscle imbalances and that also activate your core. These classes utilise the Pilates mat as well as small apparatus such as balls, bands and rings that support and challenge your body.

This is a small class maximum 5 people so its more focused, allowing you to get the most benefit out of the class. 

Im offering a FREE TRIAL CLASS MONDAY 18th September 2017

The Autumn term will run from Monday 6pm, 25th September until Saturday 16th December.

It is a 12 week term with a one week half term break commencing 23rd October. 

You can join this class at a later date.

The price for the term is £165 per class x 11 weeks. 

To find out more about Rebecca who teaches Pilates, click here  or contact her on 07986601528

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