Back Pain after Pregnancy

Jehan  treats a number of  mums after pregnancy, who develop a common symptom of low back pain, post pregnancy. This maybe because they have had problems during pregnancy or perhaps before they fell pregnant.

Often, over the months during pregnancy we reduce how much we exercise. Following the birth of our baby, we then increase our bending and sitting times along with the lack of sleep, back pain can certainly take its toll. 

Occasionally I see mums who suffer with Pelvic Girdle Symptoms following labour and can have an onset of pain straight after birth.

On some occasions some women unfortunately suffer from a prolapse with can result in lower back pain due to the repositioning of the organs on the pelvic floor which puts more pressure on their lower back.

Women in their second pregnancy often suffer from back pain as they have a toddler to deal with as well.

When I treat mums I try to focus on;

  • Reducing pain and building your strength to support your back and pelvis. 
  • Positions that could be aggravating the pain such as changing time, feeding and pushing a buggy.
  • Offering post natal exercises.  

Jehan is very experienced in assessing lower backs and pregnancy related conditions and helping mums to manage their pain through this initial phase as well as provide hands on treatment.

The journey to getting your body back to shape can be a slow one and I understand that you need to be kind to yourself and gradually return to your previous fitness levels.

To book an appointment with Jehan contact the Ace Clinic on 0208 399 0262 or read more on her website : JYPHYSIOTHERAPY 


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