Ace Sports Injury Management Clinic

Ace Sports Injury Management ClinicThe 1-stop shop for reliable help and advice to get you through your injury and back into your sport.

The combined knowledge and experience of our practitioners means that Ace Osteopaths’ Complementary Health Centre is uniquely placed to help you to:

  • Recover from injury
  • Resolve postural issues that contribute to injury and pain
  • Improve exercise efficiency
  • Recover faster and train better through good eating habits

Injury Recovery

Through manual therapy and rehab exercises we can help you recover from typical joint and soft tissue injuries sustained in sport.

Rehab and Training

Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise ensure that you re-train properly, reducing the risk of re-injury on your return to sport. Bespoke core stability sessions will help to improve balance and coordination and thus the efficient use of your body.

Improvement and Prevention

Intelligent training allows you to get fitter while also helping to prevent injuries. We can help you with this ongoing process through manual therapy and progressive exercise prescription.

Nutritional Management

You will not recover fully, train effectively or get fitter or stronger unless you eat intelligently. We can help you manage your nutritional intake from injury to return to competition thus helping your body to heal itself and cope with the demands of your sport.