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Having difficulty with breastfeeding?
Need advice on how to produce more breastmilk?
Wanting to wean your baby off breastfeeding, but don’t know how?
Is your baby suffering from unsettled or tongue tie or struggling to sleep?
Our clinic brings specialist advice on feeding, sleeping, and other needs for you and your baby over a cup of tea and biscuits with local mums.
Talk to our specialists for just £10 (including tea, coffee and biscuits)
Support and advice from;
  • Breastfeeding consultant (IBCLC)
  • Cranial Osteopaths
Cranial Osteopathy is very gentle and is ideal for newborns all the way through to toddlers. It is helpful for calming 'colicky' babies as well as sleeplessness and generally unsettled patterns of behaviour.  It is also useful after ventouse or forceps delivery. Mums can also benefit during and after pregnancy to settle the trauma to the pelvis.
Dads are also welcome.

The clinic offer a 1-stop shop for reliable help and advice to get you and your baby through conception, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

The combined knowledge and experience of our practitioners means that Ace Osteopaths’ Complementary Health Centre is uniquely placed to help you through all of this:

  • Nutritional management pre-, during and post-pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Massage for stress relief
  • Cranial Osteopathy for expectant mums and little ones
  • Structural (physical) Osteopathy for back and other pain during pregnancy
  • Core Stability for regaining strength post-birth

Sore back during pregnancy?

Structural Osteopathy can relieve the muscular aches and pains that occur as your body changes shape. It can also help closer to birth when your ligaments begin to loosen, leaving joints, especially in the back, a little less stable.

Eat right for you and your baby

Nutrition and Herbal Medicine: good nutrition is essential for all stages of pregnancy. Your state of nutritional health will be reflected to some extent onto your baby so it is best not to compromise. As well as helping during pregnancy, good, correct nutrition can help with post-partem depression.

Pamper yourself during pregnancy and get strong after:

Pregnancy Massage is safe after 12 weeks. It can help to alleviate general muscle aches and is also a nice way to pamper yourself.

Core Stability training is the ideal way to get back into shape to deal with everyday life as well as manage the little one. Regaining core abdominal, low and upper back muscle strength will ensure that you can handle what life will throw at you.