Treating Dementia; An Osteopathic Approach

As Osteopaths, we approach our patients holistically, exploring the widest range of methods open to us in the desire to restore our patients to health. It was during a recent lecture that looked at how we balance ligaments in the […]

Mum and baby drop-in clinic

Having difficulty with breastfeeding? Need advice on how to produce more breastmilk? Wanting to wean your baby off breastfeeding, but don’t know how? Is your baby suffering from colic or tongue tie or struggling to sleep?  Postnatal pelvic or back […]

Back Pain after Pregnancy

Jehan  treats a number of  mums after pregnancy, who develop a common symptom of low back pain, post pregnancy. This maybe because they have had problems during pregnancy or perhaps before they fell pregnant. Often, over the months during pregnancy we […]