We are sorry to announce that the clinic is now closed permanently.

Kathy and Oliver O’Callaghan-Brown had been running a clinic in Surbiton since 2001 and decided that at this stage of their lives they wanted some time to reassess their personal and professional priorities.

Attempts were made to find a suitable buyer for the clinic but they were not successful and so the difficult decision to close the clinic had to be made. Below are the contact details of those practitioners staying in the area. Oliver and Kathy are moving house and will not be working for a period of time. If you need your case history records then please contact us on

Steve Bell
Osteopathy, Aston Clinic, New Malden. Tel: 0208 9423148

Julia Bletcher
Acupuncture, 1-2-1, Hinchley Wood. Tel: 07872 330502

Jane Hunter
Tech In Motion, 1-2-1, Hinchley Wood. 

Kyoung Kang
Chiropractic, Wimbledon. Tel: 07854 399836 

Sandra Kvainauskaite
Physio/Massage. Tel: 07557 379237

Pernille Larsen
Chiropractic, 1-2-1, Hinchley Wood. Tel: 0208 3393777

Amanda Lord
Sports Therapy, Esher. Tel: 07532 127268

Stuart McLean
Medical Herbal. Tel: 07956 541928

Sabrina Peyandane
Osteopathy, Aston Clinic. Tel: 0208 9423148

Fiona Smith
Chiropody , Aston and 1-2-1. Tel: 0208 9423148